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MST located in Guangdong Province, the souththern part of China, MST Packaging is equipped with 8 ~ 10 colors rotogravure printing and lamination lines, including dry lamination, extruded lamination and solvent free lamination. The annual production capacity is over 5,000 tons. Our factory is designed according to the international plant standards on Sanitary, Healthy and Secure Environment, and has certificates like ISO 9001 ,ISO14000, ISO22000, BRC and HACCP. Furthermore, most of our packaging materials are complied with US-FDA and EU standards. Our company is devoting to different packaging for many industries, including food and

Categories and Products

Packaging Features

Packaging Bag With Zipper/Ziplock

Stand Up Pouch with Zipper Plastic Bag with Slider Zipper Flat Bottom Pouch with Velcro Zipper Tea Tree Oil Packaging Bag Nutrient Solution Plastic Paper Packaging Bag Stand Up Pouch with Resealable Zipper Flat Bottom Pouch with Zipper Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch with Zipper Zip Lock Bags Resealable Plastic Bag Slider Zipper Bag for Pet Food Fruit Bag with Slider Zipper Vegetable Bag with Slider Zipper Reclosable Slider Zipper Bags Slider Zipper Pouch for Koi Food Green Tea Tree Oil Packaging Customized Tea Tree Oil Packaging Plastic Bag Food Grade Packaging Bags With Ziplock Slider Zipper Packaging Bag Window Bag/Stand up Bag with Ziplock Kraft Window Bags With Ziplock 

Child Resistant/Proof Zipper Packaging

Child Resistant/Proof Bag Child Resistant Exit Bags Child Resistant Pouches/Packaging Child Resistant Locking Pouch Child Resistant / Proof Bag 

Bio-degardable Packaging Bag

Bio-degardable Kraft Paper Bag Biodegradable Plastic Bag Paper Pouch Biodegradable Food Packaging Bag Biodegradable Kraft Paper Bag Packaging Biodegradable 3 Side Seal Bag 3 Side Seal Biodegradable Kraft Paper Bag Biodegradable Paper Flat Bag Plastic Packaging Bags for Garlic 

Packaging Bag With Degassing Valve

Coffee Bag with Degassing Valve Plastic Stand up Pouch with Degassing Valve Plastic Side Gusset Pouch with Degassing Valve Kraft Paper Coffee Bag with Degassing Valve Plastic Coffee Pouch with Degassing Valve Hot Sale SOS Paper Bag For Flour Pure Coffee Plastic Packaging Bag With Value 

Matt Varnish Packaging Bag

Matt Finished Stand Up Pouch Hamster Food Packaging Feeds Bag Fertilizer Weave Packaging Bag Hamster Packaging Feed Bag Custom Design Packaging Bag For Hamster Feed Plastic Bag Matt Finish Stand Up Pouch with Zipper 

Retort Pouch

Retort 3 Side Seal Pouch / Bag Hot Sale Retort 3 Side Seal Pouch 

De-metallized Packaging Bag

Pouch with De-metallized Window 

Anti-chew Spout Pouch

Anti- Chew Spout Baby Food Pouch Shaped Spouted Pouch For Juice Liquid Water Stand Up Pouch With Spout And Window 

Packaging Bag With Laser Score

Pouches / Bags with Laser Score Fruit Seed Packaging Bag with Euro Slot 

Packaging Bag With Tin Tie

Coffee Pouch with Tin Tie Side Gusset Pouch With Tin Tie For Coffee Kraft Paper Side Gusset Pouch With Tin Tie For Coffee Flat Bottom Pouch with Tin Tie Side Guess Bag With Tin Tie 

Packaging Bag With Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping Stand Up Pouch 

Hologram Finishing Packaging Bag

Hologram Finishing Stand Up Pouch Paper Optical Maser Film Paper Hologram Laser Film Fish Vacuum Pouch Food Flat Bag 3 Layer Clear Window Flat Bottom Fish Bag 

Packaging Types

Stand Up Pouch / Doypack

Plastic Zipper Stand Up Pouch Poultry Feeds Chicken Food Bag Customized Style Coconut High Quality Plastic Material Packaging Bag Flower Seed Packaging Plastic Stand Up Bag Stand Up Pouch for Flower Seed Plastic Vegetable See Packaging Stand Up Bag Stand Up Pouch Coconut Packaging Bag Poultry Feeds Plastic Packaging Bag Chicken Feeds Packaging Poutry Feeds Bag Stand Up Zipper Tea Tree Oil Packaging Poultry Feeds Hen Feeds Packaging Bag Poultry Cock Feeds Packaging Bag Custom Bag Fried rice Plastic Doypack Nut Aluminum Stand Up Zipper Bag Clear Window PET Food Stand Up Pouch Dry Fruit Zip Bag With Hang hole Printed Stand Up Zipper Bag Kraft Paper Stand Up Bag Doypack With Windows Transparent packaging upright bag Cereal Food Packaging bags 

Flat Bag / 3 Side Seal Bag

Matte Plastic Flat Bag With Aluminum VMPET Weed Killer Packaging Flat Bag Insecticide Packaging Plastic Flat Bag Screw Packaging Flat Zipper Bag De-metallized Zipper Flat Underwear Bag Aluminum T-shirt Zip Flat Bag Laser Score Matt Coating Flat Bag Snack Food Grade Flat Ziplock Bag Insecticidal Flexible Packaging Bag Customized Fish Flexible Packaging Bags Portable Three Side Sealed Bag Color Somked Ocean Trout for Packaging Degradable Packaging Paper Bags Transparent Powder Packaging bags Colorful Instant Coffee Packaging Nutrition Cereal Food Packaging 

Flat Bottom Pouch / Box Pouch

Print Coffee Flat Bottom Pouch with Window Flat Bottom Koi Food Packaging Bag Custom Hamster Feed Plastic Packaging Bag Packaging Bag Custom Harmster Feed Bag Matt Packaging Pig Feeds Bag Pig Feeds Packaging Bag Plastic Feeds Packaging Sow Pig Feeds Packaging Bag Food Grade Salmon Zipper Flat Bottom Pouch Cat Food Box Pouch With Zipper Matte Black Zipper Box Pouch With Window White Matte Powder Flat Bottom Pouch White Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Bag Plastic Flat Bottom Pocuh For Food Nutrition Powder Bag Flat Bottom Pouch Kraft paper bag with valve for coffee/kraft paper coffee bag Flat Bottom Zipper Bag /Box Pouches Box Pouches for Pet Food/Flat Bottom Bag Flat Bottom Pet Food Bag With Ziplock Pet Food Box Pouches With Ziplock Colorful printed Flat Bottom Pouches With Zipper 

Roll Film / Lidding Film

Food Grade Plastic Roll Film With Window Printed Food Grade Roll Film Nut Al Food Grade Lidding Film 12 Colors Cookies Plastic Roll Film Short Production Time Packaging Food Roll Film 

Side Gusset Pouch

Easy Tear Packaging Bag / Pouch 10 Color Plastic Food Grade Side Gusset Pouch Beef Cattle Feeds Packaging Customized Cattle Food Bags Sheep & Goat Feeds Packaging Bag Sheep Feeds Plastic Packaging Bag Sheep & Goat Feeds Packaging Custom Bag Sheep Feeds Packaging Woven Custom Bag Goat Feeds Packaging Plastic Bag Beef Cattle Feeds Packaging Bag Plastic Beef Cattle Food Packaging Custom Bag Packaging Beef Cattle Feeds Bag Beef Cattle Feeds Customized Packaging Bag Beef Cattle Feeds Packaging Kraft Paper Side Gusset Coffee Bag Pouch 

Spout Pouch

Water & Juice Spout Pouch with handle Plastic Bag Spout Pouch for Cocktail Packaging Bag for Birch Juice Spout Pouch Tea Tree Oil packaging Bag Special Juice Spout Pouch Packaging 5L Spout Pouch With Handle Spout Pouch For Juice Liquid Bag 

Shrink Sleeve

Insect Plastic Shrink Sleeve with Window 


Plastic Roll Print 12 colors Label 

Quad Seal Bag

White Matte Plastic Quad Seal Bag Customized Pig Feeds Packaging Gravure Printing Bag Llama & Alpaca Feeds Packaging Bag Piglet Feeds Packaging Bag 

Custom Shaped Bag

Plastic Custom Shape Bag with handle 

Food Packaging Bag

Cereals Packaging Bag

Custom printed resealable cereal Packaging bag The Best Milled Chia Seed Packaging Bag High-quality stand up plastic packaging zipper bag High Quality Custom Logo granola packaging bag Zipper Bag for Flexible Packaging Bag Milled Linseed Packaging Bag Aluminum foil plastic bag for linseed packaging Stand Up Cereals Packaging Bag Custom Printed Logo Cereals Packaging Bag plastic food Cereals Packaging Bag Custom laminated Cereals Packaging Bag Customized printing Cereals Packaging Bag Milled Chia Seed Packaging Bag Heat Sale Flaxseed Packaging Bag Top sell Flaxseed Packaging Bag Custom Paper Flaxseed Packaging Bag Plastic zipper Flaxseed Packaging Bag Custom printed heat sealable cereal bar bag Plastic Cereal Snack Packaging Bag 2017 Customized Printed High Quality Cereals Packaging 

Protein Powder Packaging Bag

Printed plastic protein powder packaging with zipper FDA certificated plastic milk power bag Custom Printing Colorful Printing Protein Powder Bag Custom Printing Protein Powder Packaging Bag 3 side seal Protein Powder Packaging Bag 250g,500g,750g,1kg mylar foil Protein Powder Packaging Bag Customized Resealable Protein Powder Packaging Bag Food Grade Plastic Milk Powder Packaging Bag Printing Stand Up Aluminum Milk Powder Bag Milk Powder Packaging Bag Milk Powder Packaging Bag For Sale New fashionable Milk Powder Packaging Bag Aluminum foil Milk Powder Packaging Bag 2017 hot sale cheap price protein Powder Packaging Bag Accept custom order Whey Protein Packaging Bag 2017 Heat Sale Whey Protein Packaging Bag Custom printed Whey Protein packaging Bag Matt Printing Whey Protein Packaging Bag Flat Bottom Pouch for Protein Complex 

Dried Food Packaging Bag

New products plastic dried food packaging bag 2017 Fashion Dried Fruit Packing Bag Stand up nut packaging bag Field Rations Packaging Bag Aluminum Foil Dried Food packaging Bag Custom Printed Dried Food Packaging Bag Top Resealable Dried Food Packaging Bag Resealable Dried Food Packaging Bag Hot Sales Candy & Food Packaging Bags Stand Up Pouch With Window zipper For Dried Food New Style Stand Up Pouch With Pocket Zipper 

Seasoning Packaging Bag

Resealable Stand up sauce packaging bag Seasoning Powder Packaging Bag with Tear Notch Custom packaging bags for spice good quality 

Chocolate Packaging Bag

Hologram finishing Chocolate Packaging Stand Up Chocolate Packaging Bag Flat bottom pouch & Chocolate Packaging Bag 8oz custom printing Chocolate Packaging Bag Laser score Chocolate Packaging Bag 

Noodles Packaging Bag

Bag for noodle Packaging 

Cookie & Cookie Packaging Bag

Hot sales beautiful customized cookies bag Customized Snack Cookies Food Plastic Bags Soft Plastic Printed Laminated Pouch Packaging Customized Cheap Flexible Packaging Plastic Bag Wholesale Printing Logo Cookie Packaging Bag 

Fruit & Vegetable Packaging Bag

Customized Fresh Fruit Packaging Bags with Zipper Fresh vegetables packaging plastic bag Customized Fruit Packaging Bag Fresh Plastic Grape Fruit packaging Bag Food Grade Transparent Fruit Packaging Bag Frozen dried vegetable Fruit packaging Bag Flat Bottom Pouch For Fruit Pouch 

Potato Chips Packaging Bag

chips Bag/snacks Plastic Packaging Bag 

Candy & Sugar Packaging Bag

CUSTOMIZED PACKAGING FOOD BAG Stand Up Candy & Sugar Packaging Bag Shape Candy & Sugar Packaging Bag Paper Candy & Sugar Packaging Bag Candy & Sugar Packaging Bag 

Beef Jerky Packaging Bag

Plastic Food Packaging Bag For Beef Jerky 

Bread Packaging Bag

Custom Printed Bread Packaging Bag handmade High quality Bread Packaging Bag Kraft Paper Bread Packaging Bag With Window Best Design Food Bread Packaging Bag Custom Logo food grade Bread Packaging Bag 

Fruit Salad Packaging Bag

High Quality Fruit Salad Packaging 

Rice Packaging Bag

2017 Popular Rice Packaging Bag Nylon/Stand Up Rice Packaging Bag Customized Rice Packaging Bag 1kg 2kg 5kg 10kg 25kg Rice Bag Customized Design Rice Packaging Bag 

PET Food, Liverstock & Fish Feeds Packaging

Dog Food Packaging Bag

Dog food packaging bags/Pouches with zipper Pet Dog Food Customized Packaging Bag Custom Dog Food Bag Stand Up Pouch Dog Feed Bag Customized PET Food Bag Customized Dog Food Bag With Slider Zipper Printed Kraft Paper Bag with Window 

Cat Food Packaging Bag

Cat Food Packaging Stand Up Bag With Zipper Cat Litter Packaging Bag With Handle Customized Bag Style For Cat Food Packaging Bag Cat Feed Bag Packaging Custom Bag Shape Cat Food Packaging Bag With Custom Zipper Pet Cat Food Packaging Bag Cat Litter Packaging Bag Plastic Bag Plastic Cat Litter Packaging Bag Customized Cat Litter Custom Plastic Packaging Bag Cat Litter Packaging Bag Hot Sealing Bag 

Birds Food Packaging Bag

Birds Food Packaging Parrot Flat Bottom Bag Birds Feed Packaging Plastic Bag Birds Food Packaging Bag 3 Side Seal Style Birds Feed Plastic Packaging Bag Birds Feed Parrot Packaging Plastic Bag 

Fish Baits Packaging Bag

Fish Baits Bag Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Bag Colorful Koi Food Packaging Bag Customized Style Koi Feed Packaging Bag With Slider Zipper Koi Food Custom Packaging Bag Koi Food Bag Koi Feed Packaging Bag Fish Baits Packaging Bag Kraft Paper Bag Packaging Bag For Fish Baits Customized Style Custom Fish Baits Packaging Bag Back Seal Plastic Fish Baits Bag Customized Packaging Packaging Bag for Fish Feed Plastic Bag for Fish Baits 

Horse Feeds Packaging Bag

Horse Food Packaging Bag With Slider Zipper Horse Feeds Packaging Food Bag Horse Feeds Packaging Plastic Custom Bag Pet Feeds Packaging Horse Feeds Bag Horse Feeds Packaging Bag Custom Design Bag Horse Feeds Packaging Bag Custom Bag Racehorse Feeds Packaging Bag Packaging For Horse Feeds Custom Feeds Bag Flat Bottom Packaging Bag For Horse Feeds 

Dairy Cows Feeds Packaging Bag

Dairy Cows Feeds Customized Packaging Bag Dairy Cow Feeds Packaging Bag Plastic Bag Dairy Cow Feeds Bag Packaging Feeds Pouch Cow Feeds Packaging Customized Plastic Feeds Bag Flat Bottom Cow Feeds Packaging Customized Bag 

Parrot Feeds Packaging Bag

Parrot Feeds Packaging Customized Printing Bag Plastic Parrot Feeds Side Gusset Packaging Bag Parrot Feeds Packaging Pillow Packaging Bag Custom Packaging Design Parrot Feeds Packaging Bag Packaging Parrot Food Bag Plastic Packaging Bag 

Daily Used Pakcaging Bag

Shampoo Packaging Bag

Plastic Spout Pouch for Shampoo 

Bodywash Packaging Bag

Body wash Packaging Bag With Spout 

Hand Soap Packaging Bag

Plastic Spout Pouch for Hand Soap Spout Pouch With Flip Top 

Laundry Liquid Packaging Bag

Spout Pouch For Laundry Liquid 1KG Stand Up Pouch Laundry Powder Bag Washing liquid of Spout Pouch 

Grape Wine Packaging Bag

Grape Wine Plastic Packaging Bag 

Paper Pakcaging Bag

Bio-degradable Packaging Bag

Paper & PLA Flat Biodegradable Packaging Bag PLA Biodegradable Bag with Handle 100% Biodegradable & Compostable Bag PHA & PLA Biodegradable Bag with Handle 100% Biodegradable Paper PLA Compostable Bag 

Stand Up Pouch / Doypack

Paper Stand Up Pouch with Window and Zipper Printed Zipper Plastic Paper Stand Up Bag Kraft Paper Bag with window and Tin tie Printed Plastic Paper Stand Up Pouch Printed Kraft Paper Stand Up Tea Bag Kraft Paper Bag with Clear Window/Coffee Bag with Clear Window 

Flat Bag / 3 Side Seal Bag

Paper Side Seal bag Zip lock flat bag Simple Kraft Paper Flat Bag without zipper Kraft Paper AL Flat Bag Kraft Paper 3 Side Seal Bag with valve Al Kraft paper Three Side Seal Bag 

Flat Bottom Pouch / Box Pouch

Paper Flat Bottom Pouch with Window Pocket Zipper Kraft Paper Box Pouch with Window Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Pouch With Tin Tie Kraft Paper Box Pouch with Front Zipper Coffee Beans Flat Bottom Pouch without Zipper Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Pouch with Pocket Zipper Box Pouch with Zipper for Pet Food Pet Food Packaging Flat Bottom Pouch 

Roll Film / Lidding Film

Paper Print Roll Film With aluminum Cookies Paper Plastic Lidding Film Nut Paper Roll Film Coffee Packaging Dry Food Roll Film Packaging Biscuits Paper Roll Film with aluminum 

Side Gusset Pouch

Rabbit Feeds Packaging Bag With Slider Zipper Kraft Paper Coffee Side Gusset Pouch Kraft Paper Side Gusset Bag with Valve Coffee Bean Paper Side Gusset Bag with Valve Import Kraft Paper Coffee Side Gusset Pouch MST Coffee Side Gusset Pouch without Zipper Plastic Rabbit Feeds Packaging Bag Customized Rabbit Feeds Food Bag Packaging Packaging Bag Rabbit Feeds Packaging Doypack Rabbit Feeds Plastic Packaging Bag 

Zipper/Ziplock Packaging Bag

Print Zipper Packaging Bag with Window Paper Flat Bottom Pouch With Zipper And Window Paper 10 Color Zipper Bag Paper PET Stand Up Pouch With Window Clear Front Al Zipper Paper Stand Up Bag 

Pocket Zipper Packaging Bag

Plastic Paper Pocket Zipper Bag Paper Box Pouch with Pocket Zipper Easy Tear Pocket Zipper Paper Bag 10 color Pocket Zipper Paper Box Pouch 500G Coffee Front Zipper Paper Box Pouch 

Packaging Bag With Tin Tie

Packaging Bag with Tin Tie Paper Quad seal bag with tin tie/ valve Coffee Paper Packaging Bag with Tin Tie 250G Coffee Bag with Tin Tie Side Gusset Coffee Bag with Tin Tie 

Packaging Bag With Euro Slot

Plastic Print Packaging Bag with Euro Slot Aluminum Stand Up Pouch with Euro Slot Easy Tear Aluminum Flat Bag with Euro Slot Food Grade Euro Slot Plastic Stand Up Pouch Pet Food Stand Up Pouch with Euro Slot 

Packaging Bag With Handle

Spout Pouch With Plastic Handle Customized Fruit packaging plastic ziplock bag with handle Flexible Print 12 colors Fruit Packaging Bag With Handle Fruit Packaging Zip Slider Bag with handle Stand Up Bag With Handles Shopping Packaging 

SOS Packaging Bag

Paper Plastic Flour SOS Packaging Bag Plastic Side Gusset Powder Flour Bag 5 kg Wheat Flour Powder SOS Packaging Bag Heat Sealed Laminated Foil Stand Up Flour Bags 12 Colors Flour Packing Bag With Handle 

Flour Packaging Bag

Paper Flat Bag Flour Packaging Bag Custom Printing Food Grade Flour Paper Stand Up Plastic Wheat Flour Packaging Bags Wheat Flour Powder Packaging Bag PE Laminated Packaging Paper Flour Bags 

Beverage Packaging Bag

Coffee Packaging Bag

Box Pouch with Pocket Zipper Coffee Packaging Pouch With Degassing Valve Coffee Pouch with Degassing Valve Stand up Coffee Bag with Valve Side Gusset Coffee Bag with Valve Flat Bottom Coffee Pouch with Valve Coffee Bag with Tin Tie Box Pouch Coffee Bag With Valve Stand Up Coffee Bag With Pocket Zipper Pocket Zipper Food Grade Coffee Bag Kraft paper bag with tin tie for coffee/tin tie kraft paper coffee bag Gusset Pouch with Tin Tie Coffee Bags Side Gusset Bags for Coffee with Valve Kraft Paper Coffee Side Gusset Bags Coffee Gusset Bags with Tin Tie Coffee Packaging Bag Gusset Pouch With Valve New Shape Coffee Pouches/Stand up Coffee Bags Coffee Pouch with Tin Tie Colorful Stand up Coffee Bags/Matte Stand up Coffee Bags Flat Bottom Coffee Bags with Hidden Zipper/Matte Flat Bottom Coffee Pouches 

Tea Packaging Bag

Stand Up Kraft Paper Tea Pouch/Bag Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch for Tea 

Wine Packaging Bag

Plastic Packaging Wine Bag Cocktail Juice bag/ Plastic Shape Bag 

Juice Packaging Bag

Spout Pouch for Juice with Handle liquid plastic pouch bag with spout 

Jelly Packaging Bag

Plastic Spout Pouch for Jelly 

Seafood Packaging Bag

Salmon Packaging Bag

Salmon Fish Packaging Bag Customized Style Bag Smoked Salmon Packaging Custom Printing Bag Kraft Paper Salmon Packaging Bag Salmon Fish Paper Bag Packaging MattOPP Kraft Paper Salmon Fish Packaging Bag Salmon Fish Packaging Custom Packagig Bag Smoked Salmon Fish Plastic Bag Salmon Somked Fish Packaging Bag Somked Fish Salmon Packaging Bag Kraft Paper Smoked Salmon Fish Bag Salmon Fish bag/Fish Vacuum Bag 

Shell Fish Packaging Bag

Shell Fish Packaging Customized Bag 

Fronze Fish Packaging Bag

Fronze Fish Packaging Bag Customized Frozen Fish Bag Packaging Bag Frozen Fish 3 Side Seal Packaging Bag Frozen Sea Food Fish Packaging Bag/Pouch Sea Food Frozen Fish Packaging 

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